Four Seasons


Wouldn't be nice to load your sim and find the scenery representing a plausible season, based on location and period of the year?

What about having an october with colored foliage and naked trees in winter?

Well actually this could be already accomplished using existing freeware libraries, but..

  • what about having a snow coverage depending on season and distance from the poles?

  • what about having ground snow only if within certain temperature ranges?


Four Seasons is a freeware plugin that drives seasons changes.

The plugin is half of what you need, the second half are compatible sceneries. These sceneries must be able to "understand" what Four Seasons is telling them.

Four Seasons ships with an out-of-the-box compatible seasonal package, kindly provided by einstein and maxmadland.

Four Seasons is TerraMaxx friendly. If you own a "ready for TerraMaxx" scenery, but you don't own TerraMaxx, Four Seasons will handle it.

It also includes a modified library.txt for the "SAM Seasons" package.

Four Seasons can be used as the only seasons manager of your X-Plane installation.

How it works under the hood:

  • It estimates the season appearence and exposes a single dataref with a value representing the season.

  • If a scenery is binded (through a REGION_DREF directive) to this dataref it will react accordingly (the plugin will force a scenery reload to make it happens).

In short..

  • You set a place and/or a date for your aircraft and Four Seasons will reload the sceneries with the appropriate textures set.


This software is distributed under the ISC License.


Starting with version 1.x, I distribute a compatible version of einstein and maxmadland seasonal packages. They gave me the permission to modify and redistribute them. This means: no more tweaking needed as in previous versions.

"einstein and maxmadland: Thank you again for your contribution to the community."